Issues- no problem solving here!

Issues, we all have them to varying degrees. And so many to choose from. Where do I start? Housework- the bane of my existence, I kid you not. Repetition with no end or thanks ever! Idk how anyone finds comfort or satisfaction in doing the same things over and over, day in and day out. It really is monotonous and boring! So this is one of my biggest issues as it is a psychological chore just to mentally convince myself to get it done. And when I’m finally finished I’m both physically and mentally drained and usually in a piss poor mood 🙂

Parenting- I love my kids, not as much as God does but I’m definitely next in line. However they try my patience like no one else. So many issues when it comes to parenting but as I have found out they are nothing new or nothing different. It would seem that every parent has some type of issue or another with at least one of their kids at one time or another. Fortunately my children are very understanding when I need them to be, and when I’m not suffering with a migraine or PMS they antagonize the heck out of me! But I still love my children 🙂

Politics- a recent issue, since shortly before Obamas 2nd election I became strangely preoccupied with wanting to know about politics, government and current events. After a tragic loss which lead to his 2nd term my fervor for politics exploded. I would spend all day learning, reading and researching everything I could about that state of our country. For 6-8 months I have been consumed by politics, current events and world news, so much so that it started bringing me down. Now I’m at a crossroad do I continue to know about the political state of our country when everything put there is more depressing and worse each day that passes, or do I ignore the looming demise stick my head in the sand and deal with the fall out after it happens? Yeah well your guess is as good as mine, lol 🙂

Growing old- yes I have an issue with growing old! My issue is I don’t like having to maintain or work at staying healthy, young and fit! I want the days where I could eat and be thin, not eat and not get a headache. Not stretch or exercise and still be flexible and bend down without pulling something! And lets not forget about my hearing and eyesight were perfect! Now I’m overweight, wear glasses to see far away, have trouble hearing, get weird aches and pains and if I was so inclined I could or should exercise to stay limber and get rid of some of these weird creaky joint sounds I have 🙂

My superego- idk why but I always seem to be reflecting on what I said, and then beat myself up for what I said, then I have to talk myself out of depression from being so critical of myself. Next comes an irrational decision to never talk to people again only to find myself doing the same thing over again. My only solace in this vicious circle is God. At times I have to remind myself that if I’m in the presence of Christians and they abide by the same rules I do “judge not, lest thee be judged” then I’m safe and at peace. However I’m quick to remind myself that I STILL need to control my tongue 🙂


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