I’m just not cool! And was never hot, but I’m not cold! I’m me!

Evidently I’m not “cool” anymore, like I was ever cool to begin with. Some of my history on here reflects the difficulties in my childhood which lead to poor life choices. And those choices often come at a price which costs you down the road of life. One of such is being viewed as my past self and being compared to the person who I was, but no longer am. I had no regard for any one or anything and I was… dare I say “liberal”. With that came all the indulgences and freedoms from rules, laws, conformity and logic. Live and let live! And evidently to some that current mindset is equivalent to being “cool”.

Many years ago a friend from childhood said to me “why can’t you be the way you used to be?” Implying on some level that I’m not as fun as I was before. I’m not sure if this was my response to her but it may have been because I can’t imagine what else I would’ve said…
“The person I was then did drugs and drank excessively, had no regard for life, mine nor others. You didn’t like when I used drugs or put my life at risk but yet you want THAT person back? You can’t have it both ways I was that person because of the things I did and the way I thought.”

She got the point more or less, but even if she didn’t I wasn’t going back to being that person. Now if you’ve read any of my other posts I don’t hide my Christianity and that is who I am now. A Christian and I’m pretty sure that the people who know me now don’t think I’m entirely boring. You don’t have to be vulgar, snide, condescending or arrogant to be witty or humorous as a matter of fact you will be more respected if you maintain decorum and modesty. Though I’m not quite sure I’ve got the modesty thing down, can you be modest and obtrusive at the same time?

But the most valuable lesson I learned and I still have to remind myself of is… What does God think of me? And am I acting in accord with what He would view as acceptable(except speeding-shhhh)? I said I was Christian NOT perfect!

Now just so I don’t go throwing everyone into some sort of tizzy because I equated being cool with being a liberal, this is what was said of me. So if you are one of the cool people and you are living a righteous life DO NOT be alarmed or offended, it’s ok, it does NOT make you a liberal! Honestly the coolest people are those who are generous, kind, thoughtful, respectful, honest and sincere to name some positive attributes. I guess by my own standards I am cool! Lol, to bad I’m not the one making the rules for the masses!

I did mention I’m not very modest 😛

Btw I’m a conservative to a fault some would say, I say I’m a realist!
As far as the hot and cold, I just put that in the title for whimsy.


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