Please tell me what part of these things don’t matter and do not affect us all.

1) Obama’s whereabouts for 8 hours during Benghazi.
2) Who ordered the “stand down” order to not assist in Benghazi.
3) Obama circumvents his own ACA laws and delays implementation until 2015 for only the businesses.
4) The DOJ finances Trayvon rallies in Fla.
5) Obama orders Eric Holder to investigate himself, Eric Holder.
6) Numerous politicians lie under oath and are not held in contempt or for perjury.
7) Thousands of illegal immigrants are released from DHS detention facilities, some of which are dangerous criminals and nothing is done about it.
8) The WH doors are closed for visitors because lack of funds yet the POTUS and his family still went on 2 vacations aboard at cost to us, as well as held 2 parties at the WH again costs were on us and we hear nothing more about sequestration except when the monies pertain to help Americans.
9) Kerry gave 1.3 billion to Egypt even after he was told not to by the Senate because Egypt failed to comply with the orders to account for the spending.
10) Egypt’s government was overthrown by a coup, but our Egyptian ambassador states it is not a coup so our government can once again circumvent the law the says we can not give monies to a coup, and once again we are going to provide monies to Egypt.
11) Obama states in his 2007/2008 pre election speech he will do away with government spying, but he has double the efforts and is just as guilty as GWB.
12) Rand Paul filibusters against the use of drones on US soil and wants confirmation no such use will happen on US soil, Obama eventually answers with a no, and now we come to find out, drones will be used on US soil.
13) The IRS targeted republican, right wing parties under whose directive.
14) Obama allows the transfer of arms and money to fund AlQaeda in Syria.
15) the AP news phone lines were tapped and our news outlets are being questioned as criminals for releasing leaks by whistleblowers.
16) Obama stated he would sign the UN gun treaty despite objections by the Senate to do so.
17) Obama makes a statement about Trayvon Martin looking like his son if he had one, a racial baiting statement that makes for a very difficult trial.

I’m sure there is more and I’ll add more as I remember.