Judge and jury

Oh the wrongs of socially upright, the injustices of the justice system, the corrupt, unscrupulous, immoral, vicious acts of criminals from every facet of life. Criminals come in every shape, size, color, race, religion and age(well not every age-never seen a harden criminal infant!-they’d be so cute:) And the range of crimes is just as plenty but to generalize there is; theft, murder, sex crimes, battery and lying.

Lets start with what many would consider the harshest crime, murder. There are different classes for killing someone. 1st degree, 2nd degree, manslaughter, self-defense. I’m not going to get to specific because I really don’t want to do the research but basically it’s a matter of intent, pre-meditated, accidental or self defense.

The next is sex crimes, ranging from rape to indecent exposure.

Assault and battery, 2 separate charges that usually are filed together. Even the act of verbally treating someone can be criminal, and of course this crime also consist of physically hitting someone.

Theft has a board range of charges, there’s grand theft auto, larceny, corporate theft, embezzlement, insider trading, con jobs, B&E, petty theft, maybe more, I really don’t know.

And lying. Who knew lying could be a crime but it is and here is a few of the ones I know about; perjury, slander, libel, false advertisement, and that’s all I got on that.

Now where does the judge and jury come into play you might be wondering, I’m getting there.

Well over the years many of us have seen criminals getting away with crimes and we’ve seen good people get dragged off to jail or pay hefty fines and I don’t know if you have thought this but I have wondered where in the world is lady justice? How does a good man get prison and a worthless loser get a $200 fine? Now I’m not going to recall every story I’ve ever seen but I will mention 2 stories that just happened this week. First is the then 49yo teacher who raped a 14yo on four separate occasions and got a 31 day jail sentence. Second is 3 (15yo)teenagers who beat a boy(13yo) mercilessly, they initially were to receive only nine months probation, but that was later changed to indefinite probation but no time in a juvenile detention center. Now keep in mind the rapist admitted to his crime and the boys crime was captured on video so these are crimes that are factual and documented as true with evidence. So where is lady justice? Hello lady justice are you sleeping?

Then we have the numerous stories of people who defended their homes by shooting at the intruders and they get arrested! Fortunately those seem to be limited to certain towns and not a national thing, still lunacy though.

Next up the crimes against children. Vile acts to repulsive to even mention but I’m sure you can imagine. Oh like the one mentioned earlier only worse. Yes the people who commit these acts don’t deserve to live another day, yet we waste money on prosecuting and keeping them in prison for the few years they get, only to have them released and do it again. Great legal system. Rape a child serve a year or two, but have a gram of drugs on you and go to jail for 5 years! Brilliant! Who’s the head up their ass genius that came up with that law?

Assault and battery, a brutal crime at times. The most violent thrashings causing broken bones, lost teeth, black eyes, lacerations and bruises, never a pleasant sight to see the victims of such acts. And while no beating is pleasant the beating of anyone who is physically inferior or gang type beatings are particularly disturbing. Anyone who beats someone who is old, a child, pregnant or handicapped should be punished by a cage match with a grizzly bear. See this is where I start to reveal my master plan.

Thieves are diverse in their “art” of theft. And though I’m not happy with thieves having been robbed myself, not all thieves are revolting. But there are certain types of thieves that I would like to see hanging by their ankles from barb wire covered in honey near a fire ant mound. Those particular types of people are the ones who bilk the life savings from the elderly, those that conned the 9/11 survivors, identity thieves. Those people destroy lives, they are not just stealing a replaceable item they are stealing their lives, parasites. Even better, cover them in ticks, fleas and lice, parasites for the parasites!

Killers are nothing special, it takes no talent to kill someone. Most gang bangers drive by in a car shoot up the entire street and check the news for the casualties. No brains, no balls, just bullets. But I’ve seen a rash of vicious killings recently, so brutal, Dr Mengele would cringe. Executing justice on them would be quite easy, tit for tat. That knowledge alone would scare the crap out of the killers.

Now not all criminals would have such harsh punishments after all I do believe in the punishment fitting the crime, and I deem myself worthy of being both judge and jury. Our justice system is a farce, judges can be bought and paid for. Jail is 3 hots and a cot, with smokes, drugs, sex, libraries, a chance for education, health care, and in some places business as usual for the hard core criminals. It’s a joke for career criminals, sure it scares the hell out of regular folks, but for the criminals it’s no big deal. So why waste time, money and resources trying to rehabilitate career criminals, or vile creatures, it’s pointless.

Make me judge and jury and I will decide the fate of all violent, vile and hideous cases. And the normal mundane stuff like getting busted with a gram of pot can be left to the legal eagles. See with me eradicating all the waste of lives there will be more room in the jails for people who urinate in public! Lol. Where is that lady justice?


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