About me

I started this blog because many of my friends recommended I start a blog, possibly because of my lengthy comments on FB. With that, I took a poll on FB and many people supported the idea. Now many is relative so the actual number is 6 people said blog.

This is all very new to me and I don’t have any followers that I am aware of, I do however, have strong opinions and am very zealous for things I believe in. A few of those things are essential to who I am: a Christian, a wife, a woman with many familial titles, an artist, a liberal conservative, and a person with quite a colorful past. That is something I may or may not write about someday. Typically I speak my mind without much thought to what I’m saying, but in this forum I have the advantage to research subjects prior to writing about them, as well as having spellcheck and a dictionary function. So I get to speak my mind, continue to learn about all types of things and increase my vocabulary. Oh the joys of technology.

What more can I say, my education ends with a Associates degree, I hope that I never stop learning, my kids know more math than I do, and up until Nov. ’12, I knew nothing of politics, government and history. I still don’t care enough to learn math yet, the basics are sufficient for me. I love science and I’m starting to enjoy history. I like to think of myself as a genius, but the IQ test I took says I’m just “superior intelligence” (idk how dependable those test are!)

Because of the complexity of the human brain, my mood influences my blog at times. Add in social experiences, personal beliefs, knowledge and lack thereof and you get a Marie colored blog, sprinkled with facts to make my point or share my view. I could go on for hours trying to justify and explain who I am, but that would be boring to read. Let me try to sum this up… I believe in truth, kindness, understanding and love, but at the same time I am a sinful, sarcastic, fallible woman who’s tries and fails but perseveres with God as my source of everything. That is me, a nut in a shell 🙂 I so funny!


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