Can I please have a honest government.

I know my current topics aren’t as exciting as politics but politics these days have me spent. I’ve covered so many issues on FB prior to my blog, and to what end. Nothing has changed, we still have a moronic silver tongued puppet in control of our country. And yes I realize that is an oxymoron.

With the debt, taxes, class divisions, guns, lack of a passed budget, health care, Benghazi, “fast and furious” and cover up upon cover up. And all the people want to know about is lip syncing, infidelities, and the latest fashion trends.

Credible unbiased information is getting harder to find. And people are getting easier to dupe. I would have thought that these republican, right wing conservatives would report truths not ridiculous lies that make them look more like fools than credible sources. Now granted the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that some of these groups are actually there to purposely and falsely inform people. Why, that idk. When I can with a little looking debunk these lies, it disheartens me against these groups. Are republicans (or wolves in sheep’s clothing) that desperate to delude Americans.

Is our government really at the center of this dividing the nation. I can’t even tell who is for the people and who is against the people. Dems and reps alike are ripping our country apart. And to read all the literature, bills, budgets, laws, and whatever else I skimmed, you have to have three sets of information nearby to be able to refer to. Strike this, insert this… as well as having a law degree(in my opinion), the complexity of some of these documents makes me feel like I’m reading a circle.

Well back to trying to read these boring government documents. Presidential budget reforms are so boring and the material is nothing but pure rhetoric(in my opinion, of course). Same BS, say what you want people hear and think, but not what really needs to be said and done.


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