God hear my prayers

The title is not exactly accurate, because I know you hear my prayers and answer my prayers.
Trying to decide whether I want to write this as a blog or directly to you Lord? You, is what I’ve decided.
Foolish as it may seem to write a letter to You for all to have access to, it is a way for me to have immediate access to as well. Since I always seem to lose my notepads. As long as I don’t forget my password I should be able to readily find my letters to You here.

1/28/13- with the couple of situations I’ve been privy to recently, I feel compelled to pray for those people involved. As a Christian, I believe that we’re there to be a support for those in need, in whatever way we can; as the body of Christ, each member having their own unique purpose. I know that I have always had help, be it family, friends, church or You directly or indirectly, that is where my compulsion comes from. It is not a negative urge nor an obligatory rule set forth by religious law, but rather a desire to show the same love, compassion, understanding and grace shown to me by You. I know You understand what I’m trying to say and You understand it more than I could ever convey in words or thought.
With that said; I need Your presence, strength, to be filled with whatever it is I need to sustain me, that I may continue to be used by You for Your purpose, glory or whatever it is called. I don’t want to sound like its me or I’m unique in this purpose as we are all called to be servants of Christ, but idk if everyone knows that. So I figured I’d better make that clear in this particular forum. Anyway, idk if everyone gets drained from prayer or from emotional connection(empathy) but I certainly do, a fault? Idk, but I need some refilling Lord so I can be a productive housewife as well as a faithful servant. You know better than I, that my love for You is greater than anything else I can think of and to serve You is important. But You also know me, my faults, my limits and my concentration/focusing issues which I why I am asking for help. After reading this letter I feel that I’ve covered all of today’s concerns thus far, hopefully my mind will settle and I can convince myself that You are in control and answering my prayer.

However, my thought now is that You answer prayer in Your own time, in Your own way! Hmm, now what? Do you have a housewife angel to motivate me? I’m reaching aren’t I? Waiting for the motivation to kick in Lord! Well maybe after I close, so God I ask all of this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen. Love, me.


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