My mind is on meltdown

How can I explain without using a number of expletives. The USA once considered the greatest country in the world is now a joke and dishonor to a many of its citizens. I read the news everyday and have a difficult time remaining hopeful and proud. The politicians in charge of our system are corrupt on both sides and have been for decades, but this current bunch in charge right now are the worse to ever lead this country. Again I know other POTUSs have failed in various areas but to fail in almost every arena is problematic. Yet somehow they remain in control and that is even worse. Our House, Senate, Congress, Court and whoever else has control but fails to speak against the obvious lies, deception and other political tactics being used against Americans are equally guilty and need to be held accountable. This is not a country just for politicians this is a country for everyday folks as well. Without us there’d be nothing. Our taxes pay for it all.

We should have equal decisions when it comes to foreign aid, welfare spending, bailouts, tax rates, etc. We not influence by bribes and back end deals. We don’t want bills that include “extras”, when a bill is introduced we should be privy to its content and have some say. No more “we have to pass it to know what’s in it” rhetoric. Citizens should be allowed to read every piece of legislature before going to the House or Senate, we the people no longer trust those who claim to be our advocates. We want our rights, taxes, country back from the thieving hands of criminals both the legal and illegal kinds.

Forget about world control, dominance and support, we need to take care of our own. When we are in debt 13-16 trillion dollars that we will NEVER be able to pay off extreme measures need to be taken. We can’t support anyone else. We are in debt! It’s time to make drastic and realistic changes. We do not need to go to Mars, we don’t need to make food for outer space, we don’t need robotic squirrels, or shrimps on treadmills, Morocco doesn’t need pottery classes and the list is seriously endless.

We demand to know the required amount of hours that politicians need to work and base their pay on that number. Our POTUS doesn’t need $450k/yr when he has no overhead for 4 years, $200k/yr is plenty when every single need and want is provided for them anyhow and that is above average for a lawyer. The same adjustments need to be made for their spending account fund which averages $500k-1 million/yearly. No wonder everyone wants to get into politics!

A flat tax, simple wording and penalties for taking business out of the US. No loopholes for the wealthy or businesses. No more business welfare for million/billion dollar businesses. No stupid laws that only force people to lie to get around them. Laws should be clear and understandable. I know people are stupid but laws do not need to be so comprehensive as to be thousands of pages long so nothing is omitted.

Furthermore this country was founded by Christian men with Christian values and that should never be forgotten or forsaken. If you don’t want to believe in God great for you, but do not make us change to accommodate your godlessness, you don’t like it… Leave, there’s the border! We will make no changes to our founding documents and later changes that include God & Creator. We are were and will always be a nation founded and established with God as our foundation. Without God there is no United States of America. Without God we are no greater than any other country on this planet. ‘I tell you, ‘that to those who have something, even more will be given; but those who have nothing, even the little that they have will be taken away from them.’ And that is what we are becoming. We have been given much and are to remain faithful lest all we have be taken.

And so I look around and see the turmoil, hate, division, deception, lies, corruption and it frustrates me that no headway is being made. We are all like dogs chasing our tails or chasing trucks knowing that even if we catch the truck what is a dog going to do to a truck! Because I don’t see an answer and Gods plan is so far away. He makes it known that this world will perish before His return and this is just the beginning of the end. All the death, hate, and everything evil and vile is just in its infancy and I know this and do not want to see anymore than what’s already going on, and all these things and so much more are causing my mind to be on meltdown mode. Though I suppose it’s more of a flood than a meltdown, meltdown I guess is more of how physically feel when bombarded by all this info.


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