Prayers for healing, health, financial support, family issues, drug/alcohol issues and anything and everything else that people need help with Lord.

Here is a list of people I can remember because people seem to get added daily and I can’t remember as well I used to. So since I always seem to be on this infernal tablet, I should use it for some good!

Cindy’s mom for healing and her family
AC and family
Friend with MS
Teresa for healing
Suzanne for healing
Dave for healing, health and his family
Bethany-2 optic tumors and her family
Evelyn’s granddaughter for health issue
Awan for a job
Diane for her house
Christina and her family
Liz for healing and whatever else
A woman/family grieving
Miss Cora- breast cancer
Pat- for her equilibrium and EO Alzheimer’s
And for those suffering with the flu/severe colds
For the numerous families affected by divorce/separations
For those suffering with mental illness
For those who need salvation
And of course as always my entire family-blood, marital & adopted; all my friends-
Lifetime to current, closest to casual; both my church families; neighbors; and all the people who donate their time to Trinity, both the church and school.
So since the above general list would be a mile long, at least, I usually consolidate into a mass prayer rather than naming off 3000+ names every night.

If that’s wrong please let me know. Not that I’d actually start naming everyone every night but I’d have to figure something out.

I suppose generally speaking, not the specific prayers, I so want You looking after them. Being with them, continuing to encourage those that know You. Protect those that are young. Help those that don’t know You to accept You. And since I know the needs of people vary greatly, help them with whatever it is that they need. Thank you, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

If I have missed anyone, please let me know. I tried to remember as much as I could. And I might remember more later, but at the moment that’s all I got. Toodles poodles 🙂


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