Preface to my blog site

In re-reading some of my blog I thought I should have a preface to make you the reader aware, though I try to write constructively and creatively, I am not a learned writer.
So please bare with my blogs if they tend to stray from the topic. I’m picking up tips and learning as I go, not only in regards to writing but with vocabulary as well. Even the content of some of my topics is new knowledge to me.

The catharsis of writing and learning about so many things is my drive, however I am quite ignorant on many topics (well pretty every subject barring God and teeth) though am not offended by it, because I know I can and want to change it. But realistically speaking I will never know everything about everything. So if I have misinformation or am just completely delusional on a subject, please let me know. I won’t be offended, a little embarrassed maybe but that’s ok, because I have an “edit” button. And I rather fix the error than my readers be misinformed. Thank you, please come again.

Oh let me also say, that I usually don’t proofread prior to posting, so if you find it difficult to follow or numerous errors, please check back and re-read in a day or two after I’ve had time to edit. I know I should edit before posting. But in my enthusiasm for getting another piece done I just want it out there, and I’m usually mentally spent after writing.

One more thing, I don’t want to come off as a self-absorbed, holier-than-thou, know-it-all. For the record, my education consists of an associates degree. The information I research is from surfing the web, I mainly use .gov sites, I also use Wikipedia and its references, and I do a lot of cross-checking and clicking on links within links. So I can’t name all my resources, but hopefully they’re dependable, since I’m not running to the the store, library or state building every time I need a resource.

Hopefully that explains it all in a tidy little nutshell.


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