What does it all matter?

Good question, and I have no answer. People are against people. Every one is right and every one is wrong. The middle ground is gone.

A world filled with opulence contrasted by poverty.
One makes $5 million/yr yet another makes $5/mo.
Market shelves lined with food but billions die of starvation.
We protect animals and give them rights while children die, beaten and starved.
So yes I see the contrast, I know the injustices, I feel the frustrations, but there is no pleasing the masses. Everyone with their own agenda and own opinion as to what is right.

All the arguments and theories and ideas all have valid points. But the middle is gone. The right and left refuse to yield. No common ground obtained and so the problems remain. Why? Because greed and power are at the helm, not truth and caring. Manipulations, lies, scheming, diverting the masses from seeing the real issues.

How is it that the people who work in politics make so much money, yet our police and teachers make a fraction of that. Because we are lead to believe that our government must make that amount to look reputable in the eyes of other countries(BS)! There are about 500 employees in the White House with a average salary of $80k/yr ($39,000,000/yr). Add another 500+ members of congress with salaries nearly $200k/yr ($100,000,000/yr). Now this is just salaries, this does not include the yearly expense accounts they have. And again we are told that those salaries and expenses are to be considered standard, even average. Now I supposed since some of congress are graduates with a masters or more that’s where that standard is measured from, however not legally needed.

I look at these incomes and think how inflated their egos and self-importance is. Could there jobs not be done with the same vigor and competence for half that pay? Of course they could, but when the government controls its own pay and benefits, you can bet your ass, they’re getting their fair share and then some first. But you can all believe what you want, that they need and deserve and work so hard for their $200k/yr and that $100k/yr would just not be worth the effort! Yeah right! Again that is just their pay not their added expense account which includes about another $100k/yr to pay for office rent, employees, office supplies, phone, etc…

Yeah whatever I’m the idiot for even caring. Just keep spending, spending, just keep spending.
Keep sucking the American dry, bleed them through taxes, federal, state, local, excise, property, income, sales, utilities, estate(death)… Lol so in my infinite wisdom I decided to see how high are taxes are compared to the rest of the world, lol sadly we are all in the same boat. Misery loves company.


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